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Very large!!! Breathtakingly Beautiful!!! Wild looking!!! Very rare!!! And extremely social!!!
Yes, the Savannah is considered the largest hybrid available...but larger still is the Habari, Select Exotics' spectacular answer to years of requests for a wild-looking, good tempered, BIG cat!
Unlike our Savannah, Bengal and Safari programs which are held to well-defined breed standards in an attempt to imitate wild ancestry, the Habari breed has moved into its own distinct sphere.
Drawing from our diverse genetic base, we specifically select for size, a sweet, interactive personality, and a striking spotted/rosetted pattern on a clear cream to golden basecoat.
Because we have gone in many directions to produce our magnificent feline with its stunning size, and dramatic coat, and since the Habari breed is derived from the wide gene pool with which we have worked for nearly twenty years as opposed to restricted purebred genetics, Select Exotics has chosen to protect the integrity of the breed by leaving Habari ancestry undisclosed. To reveal ancestry information might lead others to attempt Habari genetic replication while overlooking the necessary selectivity.
F1 SavannahSelect Exotics has placed strong demands on size and disposition in addition to the unique Habari "look." Instead of aiming for the show ring or TICA acceptance, our focus is to provide the utmost quality directly to pet homes. Habari breed registry will be established from DNA profiling to ensure only the designated foundation cats produce Habari kittens. Moreover, Habaris have to meet stringent physical selection criteria. Not all kittens with a similar genetic base will be registered. This limits the number of cats that will represent the Habari breed. Kittens not attaining the physical selection criteria are placed in local homes or with families who have previously purchased a kitten from us. Due to our extreme selection pressure, few Habari kittens will ever be available. Our goal is to ensure individuals adopting Habari kittens are receiving the best of the best!

Years of classroom knowledge as well as breeding experience have gone into creating this amazing feline. As you can tell, we are passionate about the Habari and anxious to see what the future holds for this unique breed. Although this wonderful breed is in its infant developmental stages, we feel strongly about the Habari's potential and are totally confident you will get what you pay for in a Habari kitten.

F2 SavannahSelect Exotics has carefully selected the homes into which we allow Habari kittens. We have been pleased with their excellent placement and expect to receive frequent pictures and reports over the years so all will be able to watch this fascinating breed develop.

High demand for Habari kittens has resulted in pre-birth deposits. The current expected wait time is two years once a deposit is placed. We prefer not to hold deposits for this long time period, but many buyers have insisted on securing their order of adoption. The deposit is refundable or transferable to another breed at any time. Select Exotics will continue to be highly selective of the homes in which we place our Habari kittens. Full cooperation of the adopters is paramount; it is very important for Select Exotics to be able to document the breed's development and essential that we have updates on the kittens as they mature. 

The price for Habari kittens are as follows:

Males                      $20,000
Females Not being placed at this time

Kittens will sometimes be priced out of given ranges

See the FAQ's or Watch Me Grow pages for additional information.

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